Brochure Printing Services Singapore

We all have gone through a brochure at least once in our life, whether it was while waiting at the dental clinic or in our lounge because there was not anything interesting coming on TV. In any case, brochures have often appeared interesting from their cover, but once that is flipped, the rest of it is unattractive and boring. Brochure designing is an art that is not as easy as writing up a blog, since the design plays a huge role in making the content interesting. Brochure printing services can offer unique tips and tricks to step up your brochure design game, allowing you to become as creative as possible.

The 10 Ways to Master Brochure Designing

Know What You Are Doing
Knowing the purpose of the brochure is important. Is it announcing a winter break party at the beach or informing about a grand sale on Black Friday. Every detail can influence your thoughts to design a funky or semi-formal brochure.

Keep it Simple
People often go overboard when planning a brochure design. You must rank simplicity as your first priority. If you are going for something modern and clean, try embossed titles and a clear background. If you are thinking from a cultural perspective, try to make the front less complex and the writing clear enough to allow your readers to get interested and turn the page.

Functionality is Key
Sometimes, there is more to the inside than the outside. Flipping to the other side of the cover may reveal paragraphs of engaging content or a mixture of patterns that build interest. Just consider a brochure that is announcing a summer sale, so the cover may be simple, but the inside will expose a beautiful floral pattern and include a message like, “Refresh your soul this summer in these beautiful summer prints”. Small surprises make a big impact!

Odd, Folded Shapes Aren’t the Norm
You can keep the brochure as simple as you want or as twisted as you would like, however, keep in mind that twisted shapes tend to confuse the audience and the message you are trying to give may get lost in some corner. An accordion shape, for instance, will allow the readers to view the whole brochure like a picture.

3-Dimensional Pop-Up Shapes
Shapes are not always better, but people are in search of fun and interesting things that build suspense. Pop-ups or 3D shapes tend to call out the message; therefore, they are very effective in speaking of your creativity and showing your skills in brochure designing.

Limited Fonts Make Brochures Breathable
Now, this is interesting! Most graphic designers use a flood of fonts. The technique here is simple; use only three fonts in your brochure – for headings, sub-headings and body copy.

Reflecting the Graphics
If your brochure has folded paper, turn those corners/shapes into bright and colourful triangles and make them cohesive, so that each element works together in making your brochure an epic piece.

“Think Outside the Traditional Squares”
If you get the title, the rest is simple. A brochure does not need to be a flat pamphlet. As mentioned earlier, 3-dimensional ideas can lead to winning brochures. A couple of circles or a dice like structure, for example, engages viewers and creates a lasting impression.

Textures are a Fun Addition
Carefully designed and selected pictures can spice up the content, however, if photography is not what you have in mind, textural patterns add an interesting dimension to a dark, stagnant subject matter.

Paper Type and Print – Undervalued but Important
Paper types can be the standard A4, or any other uncoated or coated material that makes for a beautiful finish. Costs are different, but so is the impact, therefore saving is not always the wise choice.

The printed copy is the most important part of the overall design, therefore, choosing the colour combinations as well as the type of print can turn your brochure printing project into a success or failure.

Very few creative professionals offer custom brochure printing services that will go with your taste. If you have the time and dedication to design your own brochure, there are several tools and software available online that will give you all the room to design a brochure creatively and enjoy the applause.