Custom printed stickers are one of the oldest forms of advertising. Generally placed on walls, boxes, doors, or car bumpers, they are visually appealing and are a proven way to get your brand noticed. Thanks to digital printing technology, printed stickers are now available in a wide range of designs and styles. Also, unlike offset printing, digital printing allows you to print as little as you want at a nominal cost. And on top of other differences in digital printing and offset printing  that you should know of. If you print from any reputable digital printing company, you can even get the stickers customized to your brand or design theme. Let’s take a look at some major benefits of using custom printed stickers.


Long lasting

One great thing about custom printed stickers is that they are durable. High-quality custom printed stickers made from vinyle or other weather-resistant materials come with strong adhesives in the back end, making them hard to remove once applied on a surface. They can withstand harsh weather and do not loosen or curl at the edges. These custom stickers do not need to be changed on a regular basis like you do for your other print materials or internet ads.


Cost effective

For online advertisements, you have to pay a weekly or monthly fee. On top of that, you should spend some more money on marketing to strengthen the online visibility of your ads. Otherwise, your target audience may not even see your ads – and the ads could even be blocked by filters, ad-blockers. Thankfully, there are no such issues with custom stickers. Once placed strategically on a wall or door, they will remain there for a long period and will keep grabbing the readers’ attention, without you having to shell out money for their upkeep and marketing.


Helps in brand promotion

A strategically placed custom printed sticker is a great way to get your brand noticed. They are fairly inexpensive, so you can order in bulk and place your custom stickers in all prominent locations. Those who would notice your sticker and find it attractive will remember your brand. One good idea would be to provide your website address in the custom sticker, so that inquisitive customers can visit your website and know more about your brand. Make sure that the sticker is well-designed and has the brand logo.


Extremely convenient

Custom stickers are small and compact and hence very convenient to use. You can hand them out easily at any special event or corporate conference. Furthermore, printed stickers can be attached to your products and delivered to your customers who purchase online. These stickers can be cleaned easily with a piece of cloth; and they do not leave any messy residue once removed.


Comes with versatile design options

Custom stickers also offer the benefit of design versatility. While standard shapes include circle and square, you can order your preferred shape from any acclaimed printing company. For example, you can opt for a candy-shaped sticker, if you own a sweet shop. Similarly, you can tailor the design to suit your brand theme. This helps make your stickers more appealing and standout-from-the-crowd.