Brochure Printing Services Singapore

You can create your brochure that is both beautiful and cost-effective. Whether you need 100,000 or 100 copies, it will be taking a significant amount of your marketing budget. Is it possible to make sure that the money is spent properly? And how can you save some money on brochure printing without skimping on print quality or design? Here are six ways to save money on brochure printing:

Page count and size
As you’re trying to be economical, it can be tempting to put as many images and as much content as possible into a few pages. This can make your brochure look cluttered, cramped or even unprofessional. A brochure is meant to contain concise information about your offerings so as to retain your reader’s attention. Depending on the nature of your business or purpose of your brochure, your page count and size will vary. A brochure for housing may require more pages and a bigger size while a brochure for a product sales promotion may only require a one pager. Determine what is your preferred sizing before printing your brochure to prevent wastage.

Paper stock
The paper stock entirely depends on the type of brochure you are planning to create, the quantity of brochure and the audience you are targeting. If you are thinking of creating your brochures for a prestigious project, you should utilize thicker papers to give your brochure some weight. You will certainly need the best stock if it is a high-end corporate conference, but if it is meant for sales promotions that are usually used only temporarily, you can opt for something cheaper and thinner. It will protect you from making unnecessary extra costs if you can choose the right paper for your project.

Sheet usage
When it comes to brochure printing, the way your design fits on a press sheet impacts your cost as well. Using only one quarter or half can incur extra cost, whereas projects that use the entire sheet is more economical. It will be wastage if you increase plates or setup time. You can make your project economical and environment-friendly with careful planning. If you are confused by how to best fit your design for the press, you can seek help from the printing professionals at the printing company as well.

Inks, typescripts and colour
Using metallic inks or spot colours is certainly an additional cost and it is not always necessary for your brochure printing. With some designs, you can even avoid a standard four-color printing and create an aesthetically pleasing brochure with just bi-color printing. Even the typescript can have an impact like the Times New Roman or Century Gothic requires less ink than Arial. You can discuss it with your printer if you have a text-heavy brochure you want to print.

Techniques of folding
If your brochure does not need many pages and is fairly informal, an unusual folding can help you to save some money. You can use a simple folding technique and make sure that the style remains user-friendly and attractive. It is something special that can catch the attention of your readers.

You will certainly need to pay less amount of money per copy if you can increase the number of output you have. Having said that, make sure that you do not But, this is for order excessive numbers just to save money. It is not going to be economical at all. A proper estimate will help you take a good decision and save you from making extra costs.

Just consider the above features to help you can create a brochure that is beautiful and cost-effective as well.