In a world full of fleeting moments and fast-paced lifestyles, capturing memories that last a lifetime has become more important than ever.

For pet owners, the bond with their furry companions is a treasure beyond words. That’s why we have crafted a remarkable offering: shutter glass style pet portraits. These extraordinary pieces of art not only immortalize your pet’s image but also infuse it with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Join us as we delve into […]

Glossier Premieres Its Wholesale Business With Sephora

Earlier this year, Glossier founder Emily Weiss stepped down as CEO, the role was filled by Kyle Healy formerly the brand Chief Commercial Officer. With Olivia Rodrigo as brand ambassador as of April 2022, Glossier has announced this week, that Sephora will be it first retail partner. In an Instagram post, the announcement reads, “We’ve […]

Facing A Record Level Of Job Vacancies, Louis Vuitton Ramps Up Recruitment

While there’s still plenty of chatter about a coming recession, Paris based luxury conglomerate LVMH has reported it’s experiencing a record number of job vacancies. Describing a wide range of opening in an exchange with WWD, LVMH executive vice president of human resources Chantal Gaemperle said, “We have a record number of vacancies this year. […]

What Exactly Is Water Based Ink in Screen Printing?

multi color ink billowing in waterWater-based inks, also known as softlays, are the more inexpensive alternative to solvent inks. They are used for simpler designs and less color since water-based inks are only available in a small range of colors. The typical ink is made with a pigment and a non-ionic surfactant dissolved into distilled water. Water-Based Ink Water-based inks […]

Futurevvorld Opens ‘Mission Deadstock’ Sneaker Pop Up Gallery At Extra Butter

Sustainable media platform Futurevvorld is gearing up to open a vintage sneakers pop-up gallery at Extra Butter’s Lower East side, New York location. Created with the desire to invigorate the genuine appreciation for sneakers, ‘Mission Deadstock’ will gather an assortment of sneakers curated by creatives and entrepreneurs in the sneaker. art and entrepreneur space. In […]

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