Printing Company in Singapore

There are two scenarios here. The first one is that you need to print brochures regularly for your business or some other purposes. Secondly, you hardly ever need to print brochures, and now you’re present in a situation that you need to print them.  The truth is that you’re looking to keep the costs of brochure printing down in either case. Have you already received an estimation and feeling that the cost is too high? Are you wondering if you should use in-house printing or outsource the work to a printing company? If so, please read on.

Consider the volume of your print job
Do you need to do brochure printing of high volumes? Your brochure printing costs will certainly be higher if you can do the high-volume printing in-house. You are probably worried about capital expenditure if you outsource the job to a printing company, but this is not as high as you imagine. For small volume printing, you can do it in-house because you just have to simply load the desktop publishing or graphic design software in your organizational computers. Some of them are available free online and can be bought at a nominal price. You may even own the software in your computer already, you just need to utilize them. You need not buy a printing machine in-house if you need a small-scale printing. However, chances are if you are looking to print brochures, you will be printing more than a 100 copies. It will then be more economical to outsource your work to a printing company in Singapore.

Consider the material and maintenance fee
How can outsourcing the job help you save costs in this aspect? A professional company in printing has a lot more resources than your office does since printing is their core business. For a very large scale brochure printing, it will be more suitable to hire a company since they can make a better offer considering the job’s scale and the lower material costs they incur. The offer can be better than your in-house brochure printing as well as you need not worry about the maintenance of your in-house equipment.

Make use of the software tools online
For your brochure design, if you have an in-house designer, you can get him or her to try different free software tools available online and it will surely help you to save a big amount of money. There is some expensive DTP or graphic design software, but it will not be a good idea to buy them. The design of a brochure is very important. If you do not have anyone with suitable skills to design the brochure, it is still a better idea to hire a professional.

Buying materials in bulk
Another good option is that you have to buy the printing material in bulk and that can help you considerably cut your brochure printing costs. You will receive a wholesale price when you buy a large quantity from the right supplier and the difference between retail price and wholesale price can be really significant. However, this is not a practical idea if you are not intending to print a lot of brochures as the materials will go to waste. Instead, if it is an occasional project, you are better off outsourcing your printing job to an external company as this will, in fact, help you save costs and resources.