Digital Printing Singapore

Having a great product is one thing. Attracting the right eyes is another. In fact, many products ultimately fail not because they have no quality but because potential customers just never got word on them. One way to get the word out is with stunning product catalogues and this weighs in heavily if you deal in apparel. Visuals are of paramount importance and these require great camera work, great catalogue design, and great printing production. Here’s how you can create punchy apparel catalogues for your fashion line.

Pick the perfect garment
Apart from choosing the best designs to feature, you have to ensure that the apparel you are going to shoot is in good form.
With all the transportation and storage, clothes often get wrinkles and creases that make them less appealing on the other side of the camera. It is crucial for you to take photos of the clothes in crisp condition as a poorly taken product image will send your customers closing that catalogue without thinking twice. Sure, you could use Photoshop, but even with that, you risk losing image quality. Ultimately, you waste huge amounts of money printing poorly done images.

Set up your studio
With the garments carefully chosen and setup, you will need the right environment to capture the images in. The word ‘studio’ might sound intimidating to a small apparel company, but relax – any room can be turned into a makeshift studio. All you need are a few basics like a tripod, a camera, and good lighting.

  • Backdrop
    The backdrop has to be plain and of the right colour. White and light grey work the best as this means you would not have any intrusive or distracting colours. You can use seamless rolls of white paper that you can easily get from most photography suppliers. If your pocket allows, try to hang the paper on a movable stand for easy repositioning. You could also make do with just a wall or by hanging a piece of cloth as a backdrop.
  • Lighting
    Any photographer will tell you that natural light is the best. If your room has a big window then you are in a very good position for photo taking. The problem is that you have very little control on how and when natural light shines. This is why you would do well investing in a few bucks on an artificial lighting kit.

Mannequin or model?
Should you use a mannequin or a model? This is really a question of which one would be easier to access. Models can be expensive to hire in Singapore but they can breathe more life into your apparel pictures more than a mannequin can. If you cannot afford one, a carefully picked mannequin can do the job as well.

Printing your catalogue
When your catalogue is perfectly designed and all the images are in their right places, you now need a great printing company to bring the catalogue to life. You could go for digital printing if you are looking to print a small volume of your catalogue. If you are looking for premium results, an offset printer is the best for large volume printing.