Brochure Printing, Brochure Printing Services Singapore

Brochures are an effective instrument to enhance the brand value of your company. Whether you are associated with the retail industry, manufacturing industry, education industry or service industry, it is important to have a design for you that instantly draws readers in. To achieve this, the designer must possess complete knowledge about the brochure, such as its purpose or how it aims to attract potential consumers. Before you visit a printing company in Singapore, decide upon the aim of the brochure, be it to inform customers of a promotion or to advertise yourself after recently opening.

Taking the perspective of the designer, there are often situations where the client is also unsure of the objectives they wish to meet with the brochure. Objectives are not specified, or the client may even just tell you to “design something good”. In these scenarios, the designer must confer with the client to get an articulation of the specific aims of the brochure.

If you are designing a brochure or flyer for a restaurant, then your first aim should be to whet the appetite of the reader, to kickstart the hunger pangs for the reader. Below are some guidelines to design an attractive brochure for the restaurant:

Product presentation
An effective presentation of your product is very important for any brochure. Even more attention should be paid to the brochure when advertising a restaurant, due to food being able to delight or disappoint in equal measure. A good chef knows that a beautiful presentation of food affects the consumers’ sense of taste; the presentation of food on your brochure also has the potential to drive your customers towards or away from you.

Target Audience
Before designing a brochure, know who your target audience is. A brochure for kids’ menu shall be remarkably different from the flyer attracting teenagers’ attention. This is even more crucial to differentiating your restaurant from your competitors. There is no shortage of restaurants specialising in most major cuisines, and you have to stand out in order to guide potential customers to your establishment.

Format and Fold
A tri-fold brochure gives better impression than a single or double-fold brochure. In a large 3-panel brochure format, the designer should evenly arrange multiple pictures without overcrowding the available space.

Brochure colour is another important factor. Using a white or brown background can emphasise the vibrant colours of the food item. The viewer’s eyes are naturally drawn to the images of appetising food, making them more likely to consider heading over to your restaurant.

Apart from designing, printing the brochure with finest quality possible is another important step. So, always put as much effort and detail in printing craft as you do in designing the brochure.

Consider your printing material
Using recyclable material make your restaurant look more environmentally conscious, appealing to people who deeply care for the environment. However, some food images might not look that vibrant with such material and you might need plain paper with a shining surface.

Make it Fun
If you are running a café, a uniquely illustrated brochure can create an instant impact on potential customers, especially younger segments of the demographic. Showing off a unique and interesting theme will draw customers in.

Designing fantastic brochures will not happen in an instant. As a representative of your company, you should have a clear goal in mind before sourcing and patronising brochure printing services in Singapore. Being clear in your aims and objectives will help you and the designer arrive at an attractive design for your brochure.