Offset Printers Singapore

Many people have misconceptions regarding offset and digital printing and these misconceptions will sway customers in different directions when looking for a solution to their printing needs. A customer can easily be misled without evidence about the most efficient and cost effective method of producing high-quality prints for them. Here are some common misconceptions of digital printing:

Offset printing image quality is much higher than digital printing
The Technology Watch Newsletter conducted a test in the fall of 2004 in a laboratory (scientific) in Rochester, N.Y., and came to a conclusion that the print quality of digital printing had closely matched that of regular offset printing. The Xerox Docucolor 8000 Press (Digital Color) with its 2400 dpi resolution was used for the testing and was considered similar to offset printing press. The Docucolor and iGen3 digital printing presses matched about 80% of the Pantone colour charts and the Heidelburg ultimately reached about 67%. This demonstration was disclosed five years ago.
The quality of digital printing is almost on par with offset printing. Customers have no need to fear that they are opting for a poorer printer when using digital printing as digital printers produce high-quality prints as well.

Digital printing is very expensive
If you think about long production runs, then the offset printing will probably be more cost effective. However, the ability to print on demand, have the ease of design and product storage makes digital printing more applicable and cost effective for consumers that require small volumes of print. For short runs, digital printing is more efficient in cost compared to offset printing due to the set-up cost and time required. In fact, since offset printing requires the production of printing plates, it will not be cost effective for small volumes of printing. You will end up having to pay more for the cost of each unit if you choose to use offset printing for small volume prints.

The most widely used printing method today is offset printing
This is not accurate as with the rise of small businesses, the popularity of digital printing has increased. Digital printing allows customization and frequent changes to the design, making it popular among businesses when the printing of personalised materials are required. The turnabout time for digital printing is also much faster for digital printing than offset printing. Hence this advantage has attracted many businesses to print using digital technology. Offset printing is popular among big businesses who have to print large volumes of materials. However, for small businesses, start-ups or home-based businesses that have been springing up rapidly in Singapore, digital printing is the more sought after option for their printing works.