Offset Printers Singapore

For small businesses, printing projects often come in the forms of marketing collaterals, packaging or even the product itself. The difference between big and small companies, especially for start-ups, is that you often do not have a big amount of budget that you can allocate to a printing project. This translates to a need to maximize the use of your funding and avoid any mistakes that will cost you extra money. In this article, we share some great printing tips that can help small business owners with their printing project:

Find a professional printer
It is a basic thing that you need to find a good and professional printer. A professional printer has all the adequate knowledge about graphics and can warn you when the colors or graphics might not look appropriate together. They will make sure that they find out the kind of folds, size, colors, images, glue dots and perforations that is required by the client. Also, they can advise you if you should go for digital printers or offset printers based on the needs and volume of your project. Professional printers will always send you a final digital copy of your work before printing anything. Some of the printers may also provide a hard copy as proof.

Select a good designer
It is essential to find a designer who has been working on projects similar to yours. In this way designers can provide you with the kind of work you require. You can also avoid consequences like overprinting or using wrong colors on your print. There are some variations in color models when it comes to producing printed and electronic versions. Your designer will be able to advise you on that. Another benefit of hiring a professional designer is that they will discuss the requirements and details of your printing with you thoroughly to ensure there are no mistakes in the design and final prints.

Stay updated
As a client, you should always ask for updates and stay involved in every project especially those that are being outsourced. Always ask for previous projects to ensure that the designer has dealt with similar projects. You should always have open communication with the designer. Miscommunication between clients and professional designers can lead to huge blunders. Do not settle for a designer if you do not feel comfortable with their services or the way in which they handle clients.

Do not choose price over quality
Different designers and printers have various capabilities and specializes in different aspects of designing and printing. Before outsourcing projects, ask for the quotations from different professionals. Also mention the type of printing services you require in detail. Ask them to add all terms and conditions in the contract so that there is no ambiguity. It can be really difficult to deal with 5,000 sheets of wrong colored brochures or similar mismanagement. It is better to pay an appropriate amount for quality work rather than paying an extremely low rate and ending up with bad quality prints.

You can use the above-mentioned tips to successfully deal with designers and printers while staying within your budget.