History of Rabbit Singapore

The humble rabbit is often seen as a gentle and cuddly pet in many parts of the world, but in Singapore, the rabbits are something entirely different. Rabbit Singapore is a phenomenon that has been growing with both local and international admiration for many years now. It is a unique form of entertainment that has captivated the hearts of audiences in Singapore and beyond.

Rabbit Singapore began in the early 2000’s when two Singaporeans, Dr. Thoi Siong Tan and Dr. Raymond Chia, decided to create a unique type of entertainment that would bring joy to viewers. The two men began to breed rabbits for the purpose of showing off their unique skills and agility in performing different acts.

The rabbits involved in Rabbit Singapore are bred for their natural jumping, balancing, and acrobatic skills. They are also trained to be comfortable around audiences and can even follow specific commands. Each act is carefully choreographed and uses props like ladders and hoops to challenge the rabbits. The performances usually consist of four to six rabbits in each act and they can last up to 15 minutes.

Rabbit Singapore has seen its popularity grow exponentially since its humble beginnings and has become a staple of Singaporean entertainments. The shows are often accompanied by lively music and bright costumes, making them even more enjoyable to watch.

Rabbit Singapore is now a popular form of entertainment in Singapore and abroad, and with the inclusion of modern technology, such as 3D projection and interactive screens, the shows are even more captivating. Rabbit Singapore has become an integral part of Singaporean culture and entertainment, as it offers something unique and exciting for audiences to enjoy.