DGP Print provides agencies and in-house teams with a speedy, efficient, and comprehensive promotional T-shirt printing solution. Aside from our promotional t-shirts, we’re also recognized for our fast shipment. We collaborate closely with our clients from the beginning. There is no work too difficult for our crew.

Custom Promotional Clothing Specialists
DGP Print has collaborated with companies such as The BBC, Rockstar Games, and PayPal. We can make personalised promotional clothes for practically any event thanks to our broad inventory and mass printing capabilities. Not to add that our many delivery alternatives and cutting-edge processes enable us to fulfill the majority of dates. DGP Print has your back, whether you’re a household name or a startup.

Promotional Printed Clothing Screen Printing
We employ screen printing to manufacture huge quantities of personalized T-shirts in record time. This is a traditional printing method that has changed and adapted to the times. Our facilities house some of the most technologically advanced devices available. They use big screens that can swiftly print one garment after another, resulting in an efficient supply chain without sacrificing quality. Contact your printing professional and inquire what is best for your project!

Larger quantity = lower unit pricing
DGP Print strives to provide the highest quality even while working in large quantities. Our innovative printing technologies enable us to generate large quantities of clothing in rapid speed without losing quality. The greater the order size, the lower the price per unit. We work with both high-end and low-end wholesale brands. From the most affordable to the most expensive.

Promotional Garments Screen Printing
Screen printing services are not appropriate for runs of less than 25 units. This approach is estimated based on screens created for each color and print location, therefore the more sophisticated the process, the more expensive it will be in the end.

Why should I spend money on promotional T-shirts?
When you print a T-shirt, you’re creating a portable advertisement that almost anybody can wear. It’s no surprise that nearly every business has produced an official one with their logo on it at some time. These clothes outlive any other printed material and may get your message to an audience you would not otherwise reach. T-shirts are also incredibly adaptable, allowing you to customize them in virtually any way you can think of. Not to mention how simple and affordable they may be to manufacture.

Where Can I Buy Promotional T-Shirts in Singapore?
We can print promotional T-shirts on a small scale in Singapore. Every production size has advantages and cons, therefore it is ultimately the printing expert’s responsibility to select the optimum solution that meets the client’s expectations. Our bulk T-shirt printing consultation is straightforward: tell us what you want, and we will walk you through the optimal procedure for your company. Please contact us!

What factors should you consider while purchasing promotional clothing?
Promotional clothing is not something to be taken lightly, since a large order may make or ruin a firm. Savings are sometimes transformed into large catastrophic expenses. This is owing to the fact that with promotional branded clothes, a single tiny error might effect tens of thousands of units. To achieve the greatest potential result, we recommend that you trust those with industry knowledge and give value rather than a price.