Offset Printers Singapore

It is clear that the printing industry is changing primarily because of digital advancements. But what could the future possibly hold? Modern technology has changed the communication landscape in the past few decades. For ages, print media has been king. From polished, shining entertainment magazines to the pocket-sized brochure heralding the arrival of a new business, things have had a major make-over. It might seem printing is breathing its last but that is not the case.

Of course, the only constant thing is change and so even though printing will not die out, companies should brace themselves for more challenges. What changes should printing companies be ready for?

The world is not about to go paperless
The trumpets of death for the print media have been blowing ever since the first screen lit up. But, it is an end that has fortunately not shown up. The screens have threatened to dethrone paper but our dependence on it is so entrenched that we still have a long way to go before that can happen.

Although companies like Yellow Pages announced their departure from the use of printed phone directories, there are still many areas of life that cannot survive without paper printing. Contracts and other legal documents are still required to be in print for the most part.

Printing hardware will be simplified
Technology does not have to replace everything entirely. In most cases, it has only altered them, making them smaller and more intuitive to use. Take the computer itself, for example. When it first came onto the scene, it was a diabolical combination of cogs and levers that would fill up an entire room. Technological advancements have been able to fit even more computing power right into your hands.
The same is to be experienced with offset and digital printers. While they will not go away, they will be influenced by the digital world. As of now, most printing companies in Singapore will have printers that can be fed instructions via a touch panel instead of clumsy buttons.

Printers will be part of the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)
There is another face of technology that is becoming bolder and bolder by the day. It is called the Internet of Things, where by all devices are able to tap into one central storage of information. This will be another way that printing equipment will change. It will be able to tap into the cloud and receive printing information and instructions from there.

Future of printing in the business
The biggest chunk of revenue in the print industry has been for business marketing purposes. Companies have relied on digital and offset printers to mass produce flyers, catalogues, and brochures for marketing. While technology continues to change the role these materials play in the marking arsenals of companies, they still remain useful. Even the little business card still holds a voice that is not about to be silenced. It is simply easier to reach into your pocket and hand a potential client your neat business card which contains information about your e-mail, website, and even social media profiles.