Digital Printing SingaporeDigital printers have become so ubiquitous these days that you can find them everywhere. While it is only commonly seen in offices and homes, digital printers are actually extremely popular for printing brochures, booklets, flyers, invitation cards, posters and pamphlets. There is little doubt that digital printing is making deep inroads into the domain of offset printing.

Here are the reasons digital printing has become so popular:

It is economical
Compared to offset printing, digital printing is relatively inexpensive. You do not need to invest in expensive equipment to fulfill your printing needs. All you need are a personal computer (or laptop), a digital printer (inkjet or laser), a word processor or page maker program, and paper. With the price of one offset printer, you can buy a personal computer, an inkjet printer, a laser printer and enough ink to last for many print outputs. Even for business works, this method is more cost efficient than offset printing for small volume works.

It is practical
In majority of cases, organizations need to print documents at a very short notice and in small quantities only. Digital printers make this possible. You can print your documents quickly and easily at any time you need them – even on holidays if there is an emergency. This is not possible with offset printing. Also, since digital printers are usually connected to the office network (such as a LAN), everyone can access them. These make digital printing very practical.

It is flexible
You can hook up all kinds of digital devices (mobile phones, tablets, iPads, digital cameras and scanners) to your computer, download the files and print them. You can connect some devices directly to the printer and print from it as well. You can also print directly from the internet. This ability to connect to other digital devices and to the internet gives you unlimited flexibility. At any given time, you can quickly and effortlessly print any image and document stored on any digital media.

It is scalable
Technology changes all the time. What used to be considered state-of-the-art a few years ago is outdated today; what is considered cutting-edge today will probably be obsolete in few years. But computer systems (that include digital printers and other accessories) can be easily and inexpensively upgraded. Most organizations upgrade their computer systems every five or ten years to keep up with the changing technologies. This scalability allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies from the comfort of your home or office.

No need to be an expert
You do not need training to operate a digital printer. Anyone can learn to print within a few minutes because they have very few control buttons. Everything from the number of copies to paper type selection can be done from the computer. If you are printing from your office’s local area network, you do not even have to touch the printer. This ease of use makes digital printing a popular printing method for novices as well as experts.

Digital printing technology is becoming more advanced every year. Compared to offset printing, it is not yet as economical for bulk printing, such as printing books. But it has already been widely used for flyers, posters, pamphlet and brochure printing services. At the rate digital technology is advancing, it may soon replace offset printers for all kinds of publishing works.