Printing Company in Singapore

If your marketing strategy is weak, your business will do poorly. This is particularly true for small businesses that are just arriving on the scene and trying to build their initial stream of clients. One great marketing tool will be using brochures to market your offerings to your target audience. If you can come up with a high-quality brochure marketing campaign, you can help your company create a buzz about your brand.

But, there is a problem. In logical terms, the higher the quality, the bigger the cost of production is. Since money is not the most abundant of resources, marketers are left with the daunting task of producing quality marketing materials while keeping within a tight budget. So how do you find the balance between cost and quality? How do you make sure you milk every dollar you invest into your brochure printing campaign? Here are some tips to consider.

Work with a printing company from the get-go
Yes, printing is the very final stage in your brochure creation but if you are planning to create significant savings on your printing costs, you should keep in close contact and discussion with your printing company right from the design stage. Your printing company might advise you on the technical things like your brochure’s orientation, size, and other elements that ultimately affect the cost of your print batch.

Some digital and offset printing companies in Singapore have in-house designers. Working with them means dealing with people that are able to see the end from the beginning in order to optimise your brochure for maximum savings on printing. But you do not have to use an in-house designer. Even though they can be valuable as they bundle the design and the printing costs together, they may sometimes not be as good as independent graphic design companies. You can request to have a look at the design portfolio of both parties to make your decision.

You only need to design one brochure to make a million copies, and you only need one mistake on the master brochure to ruin the whole batch. Proofread once, twice, three times, maybe more. Get extra eyes to make sure every ‘i’ is dotted and every ‘t’ is crossed. Check that all details such as phone numbers and email addresses are correct. Once thousands of those brochures come out of the offset printer, there will be no turning back. Corrections will be extremely costly unless you choose to opt for digital printing which allows you to print a proof copy and make changes to your designs accordingly.

Adjust the quantity
You might be able to get yourself a discount the more runs your order. You can use this to save on your campaign by making sure you do your printing in a large single batch. Just be sure not to print too many as well. Sit down and figure out how much you need as it would be wasteful to have a mountain of brochures that you would not be using.

Correct sizing
The size of your brochure will determine how many can fit on one sheet of printing substrate. Your printing company will charge you more if the brochures is not able to fit on the whole sheet. The resulting wastage would not be simply written off, but it will be factored into the costs. This is why it is important to work with your printing company right from the start to make sure such elements as size are set to give you the lowest prices possible.