Digital Printing is the simplest method of print, eliminating thermal printing plates with minimal make ready times. Utilizing toners and inkjets, a digital print simply transfers digital data onto the substrate of your choice.

With the ability to remove fixed printing plates, digital prints enables the consumer to customize prints to every individual. For example, mailing sheets, individual book covers for each individual and even custom designs. Digital printing gives the consumer the ability to utilize databases via variable data prints.

Also known as Print On-Demand, digital printing gives you the ability to print lower quantities at very quick turnaround timings. Be it a soft launch of a publication or last minute exhibition materials. Digital Prints are able to curb budgets, reduce inventory and reduce wastages greatly as it name suggests, Print it on demand.

Advantages of Digital Prints

* Minimal Setup costs for small quantities
* Reduce wastage by printing the exact quantity that you require
* Extremely low Minimum Order quantity
* Variable data

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