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Offset Printing has been the standard method of printing around the world since its advent in the 20th century. It’s a type of printing that produces prints in bulk thus enhancing smooth running of businesses and organizations with such services.

What exactly is Offset Printing?

Offset Printing is also referred to as Offset Lithography. Its printing technique whereby the inked image is offset or transferred from plate to rubber blanket then it proceeds to the printing surface. This method of production is commonly used for medium to high volume quality prints. In this process, metal plate images are transferred to rollers or rubber blankets and finally to the print media. Mostly, the print media (paper) do not have a direct touching base with metal plates.

How is Offset Printing Done?

Offset Printing maneuvers on a compliant simple principle. Water and ink do not mix. Image information that is the text and art is placed on a thin metal plate which dampens down by ink and water on the press rollers. The ink which is oil based abides by the image area, and water adheres to the non-image area.

Next, the inked area is conveyed to the roller or rubber cylinder and finally, it’s transferred to the paper while it passes around the roller or blanket. The entire process is dubbed “offset” because the image is not moved directly from plates to the paper, however, it’s offset through another surface that acts as the intermediary.

Offset printers usually use 4 cylinders presses more commonly known as a 4 color press, where each cylinder transfers the individual color onto the paper. The 4 colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. By combining these 4 process colors using screening technology together with the science of human visual perspectives. These 4 colors are able to display a wide gamut of different colors. This process is usually used in the production of brochure printing, book printing as well as coffee table book production.

Why Choose Offset Printing? 

Using a combination of alcohol, water, metal plates, rubber blankets as well as rollers, Offset Printing transfers the image on the metal plates to the sheets of paper at extremely high speeds. A typical sheet-fed press can effectively print up to 12000 sheets per hour. With economies of scales, Offset Printing can generally bring down the unit costs of prints as the higher quantities tend to dilute the fixed material costs.

Offset Printing will produce the most accurate color and best quality photographs and images with clear typefaces and acceptable details.

If you want to print about 250 – 500 posters, business cards, glossy brochures, catalogs or flyers among others, Offset Printing is the best option for its cost effectiveness and high-quality production. The four-color printing feature makes it possible for small businesses to compete in a larger market through professional marketing materials.

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