Offset Printer Singapore

There are various types of large-scale prints like banners, posters and signs that are used for various purposes by companies or private businesses looking to promote their brand. It is essential that each type of large-scale print stands out amongst others. These are one of the most popular ways of advertisement.

To make a poster that is noticed by people, you have to ensure that you select the right colours, fonts and images. Moreover, you need to make sure that the design is balanced. Whether you have decided to use a digital or offset printer, consider these tips that can help you create good quality large posters.

Using Vector Images
These images are different from bitmap format as they do not consist of individual pixels assigned with fixed colour values and location. Instead, the lines, colours and shapes of vector images are defined by calculated equations. So, these remain sharp even if you scale them. Another benefit of using these is that they are smaller in size so they can easily be transferred or uploaded to any other device.

Select Font Wisely
Most large posters are meant to be seen from far away. This is why it is essential that you select the right font and size so that people can easily read the text without putting in too much effort. There are various types of fonts easily available that you can use but some of these are difficult to read despite their size. Avoid selecting a font with large spacing between letters as it makes the words less noticeable and difficult to comprehend. Do not use bold letters as they make the posters look overcrowded. Fonts with thin outlines are difficult to read as they can easily blend into the background. If you want to select the best font for your large poster, step away from the monitor screen and read the text. This way you can decide if the font is readable or not.

Colours To Use On Large Posters
When selecting the proper colour combination, several little aspects need to be considered. For best results, select a background colour that is in contrast with the images and the text. This is to ensure people can easily read the poster.  Always go with simple colour schemes and do not use more than three on one poster. If you want your viewers to stop and read the poster for an event or a movie, you can use broader range of colours.  Another common mistake people make while selecting right colours for large posters is not changing the setting from the RGB colour mode to the CMYK mode. Your printing company in Singapore should be able to advise you on this and ensure that it is in the correct mode before printing your work. By changing the mode to CMYK, you can ensure more accurate colour versions in the final print.

Apart from these tips it is also very essential to select the right paper type on which you have to print your large poster. Some types of paper or other materials tend to last longer. Make your picks wisely.