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Holidays mean different things to different people. For some, it is an excellent time to gather and catch up with friends and family. For others, it is the time to travel and experience a change of scenery. Oddly enough, some find pleasure in staying locked indoors as they relax and watch their favorite shows. The holiday business is fast gaining ground in Singapore, causing a boom in the tourism industry. Statistics predict that it is bound to get even bigger in seasons to come.

When it comes to holiday marketing, one needs to be very careful. This is mainly due to a large number of competitors around. First, the location of your premise is crucial. It should be in an easily accessible area with the necessary infrastructure.

Originality is just as important. It will help you stand out. What is it that will bring people to your premise and not that of your competitor’s? Once you get these two correct, then working on other complementary factors will not be so much of a task. The following pointers will help you implement your holiday marketing efforts with ease.

Brochures are everything!
You cannot afford to sleep on your brochures especially with the existence of strong competition in the market. There are numerous companies that provide exemplary brochure printing services. If you do not know where to start, Google them and have them help you out. Brochures are what your customers see before they come to the premise. You need to go all out when you prepare them. You can either approach digital printers or offset printers for your brochure production. Pro tip: your customers think they know what they want, but you are the one that helps them decide.

Use an alluring graphic design that will enhance the quality and perspective of the photos. Include photos of scenery such as the sunset or a lush green garden as a background. Tell them everything they need to know, from your packages to your itinerary and even complementary services that you offer. In a nutshell, when a potential customer comes across your brochure, create a fantasy that draws them in.

Include complementary services and activities
Going on holiday is not only about traveling and seeing new places. It is also about trying out new things. For instance, your staff can organize a cultural show exclusive for your guests on the last day of the itinerary. Such an event would create a lasting impression. Incorporate some luxury activities such as pedicures, manicures or even a full body massage. The thought of that will have your customers flocking back to your premise every other holiday.

How often do you sponsor?
Take this for instance: there are so many bewildered lovers wondering where they should take their partners for Valentines. Here is where you come in! You will help them as you market your premise at the same time. You could partner with media houses and put forward a challenge. The couple with the most compelling justification will get a full paid holiday for two. When you do this, you open up an avenue for so many opportunities for your customers. When one wants to hold a getaway wedding ceremony or celebrate their anniversary, then your premise will be the go-to place. Sponsorships give you a better chance for you to easily reach out to your customers without appearing to be trying too hard. Those you sponsor will be doing the talking for you!

Don’t forget to gift
Don’t let your clients leave as they came. Who doesn’t love gifts? Make an effort to issue gifts depending on the holiday. You could have standard gift hampers and goodies. For example, a beautiful mug that has your logo branded on it. This will always remind your clients of the fantastic experience that they have had with your company. Another idea that will surely work wonders is gifting customized diaries with the photo, name, and contact of your client. The trick here is to highlight outstanding holidays and packages that you offer concurrently. This way choosing a holiday destination will be a no-brainer for your customers.

Help your clients cut costs
A consumer is always looking to reduce spending and maximize utility. Imagine going for a biking holiday. The thought of bringing your bicycle is not appealing at all. Knowing this, why don’t you make it easier for your customers? Introduce a bike renting program that is affordable and convenient for them. For those with a love for swimming, they also do not have to buy and carry their swimwear. Provide swimwear rental services. While you are at it, provide some sunscreen. These little things mean a lot to your clients.

Partnerships and collaborations
A brand ambassador is a very crucial element of holiday marketing and should not be disregarded. He or she should be a person who is relatable, appealing, irresistible and easy to work with. Logically, a huge and loyal online following will be a plus. Include their photos in your premise on your brochures, website and social media platform. Also, including them in your televised advertisements will assist your sales.

The holiday business is a very lucrative one. Don’t miss out because of poor marketing strategies. If you know what your clients love, you will be in a good position. There are endless marketing strategies. Whichever you take on you have to be sure that it will cater perfectly to your clients.