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If you have visited any trade fair, you may have realized that banner ads play a big part of the game. We may have digital media but certain print materials will be a hard thing to stamp out. Banner ads still hold a big sway in the marketing field for a number of reasons. They are cost effective and versatile. But you cannot just run anything through any printer, hang it up, and call it a banner – at least not if you want to see a return on your investment. Here are some tips for making effective banners that will result in marketing leads.

The banner is an extension of your image
Your banner is not an isolated unit. Instead, see it as an extension of your image. Banners can be used as an opportunity for branding. It should, therefore, be in line with the company’s theme, colour scheme, and spirit.
Do not skimp on the design or quality of printing. Make sure the banner upholds your standards by giving it the best design possible and finding the best printing company for the job. You can consider both digital and offset printers for your banner as these methods both offer quality results and allows printing on different substrates. To make it effective, the banner message not only has to reflect your company but should also mesh with the event you are attending.

Mind the colour combination
Everyone knows that the human brain responds to different colours in different ways. You can, therefore, come up with a colour combination that not only draws attention but results in favourable physiological responses. But, as stated earlier, make sure these speak in unison with your brand.

Banner size
Generally speaking, the larger the banner, the more buzz you will create for your product or company. But usually, printing companies have pre-fixed sizes you can choose from. These are usually big enough to fit any exhibit booth but if yours is something custom, you can contact the printing company to request for a customizable size.

Keep things minimal
‘Say more with less’. It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? You want to attract everyone’s eyes so you overcrowd the whole banner with words, shapes, and colours. But that only works to drown your message. For best results, make sure you have few but punchy elements. A minimalist theme always works. If you can also find a crisp offset printing service, you will reap many rewards from your banners.

Mind the fonts
It is always great to let the creative genius within you run wild, but when it comes to fonts, you want to be as clear as possible no matter how imaginative you want the banner to be. The purpose of the banner is to send a message, but what’s the point if the font is too fancy or too artistic to be read? There will be so many things screaming for people’s attention at the exhibit that no one will spare you 5 seconds, just squinting their eyes trying to figure out what you have written. Always make it easy for your consumers to read your banner.