pink stationery set with letterhead, business card and compliment slip

pink stationery set with letterhead, business card and compliment slip

In the age of digital marketing and email campaigns, actual stationery and marketing material can be of a quaint, important value. Letterheads, brochures, and business cards are alright, but compliment slips have a special purpose. While a buyer has been eagerly waiting for their parcel, seeing a warm gesture like a compliment slip will make them more receptive. Compliment slips are also visually stimulating and work wonders with customer loyalty. However, for them to do the best job for you, consider getting them printed from an acclaimed digital printing company in your city.

They are professional

Just like other tools of marketing, compliment slips are your make-or-break chance with your customers. Get them designed and printed by a reputed book printing or brochure printing company. Quality paper is as crucial as the quality of printing itself. Have your company’s logo right at the top, tastefully mentioning contact details, taglines, USPs and customised artwork. Follow it up by a smart line about a personalised discount code. Compliment slips are all about gesture, and if you make warmth and appreciation a part of your professional work ethic, they are bound to win more loyal customers.

They boost sales

Compliment slips are efficient sales boosters. They work by generating trust and appreciation in the average customer’s mind, persuading them to choose your services over others. Other pieces of marketing material like brochures are instruments of brand promotion and business description. However, compliment slips are different in that they put the ball in the buyer’s court. The warmth of a compliment slip can stay back for long in a customer’s mind and convince them that client satisfaction is your biggest USP. Moreover, a business can benefit endlessly from the word-of-mouth publicity generated by satisfied customers.

They help develop a brand

The value of branding can never be stressed enough. In order to be successful, your business needs to stand at the top and have a credible brand image to it. Your brand identity should be both easily recognizable and relatable for the masses, and yet sophisticated. Printed compliment slips can serve a dual purpose when it comes to developing your brand. Do not let this opportunity go and opt for superior printing material. Have a consistent background theme but keep changing in terms of style. Using white as background is a good idea, as it allows more scope for marketing.

They make clients feel important

Quick delivery and superior goods and services can be followed up by a reminder that you care about them. Much like other forms of printed marketing, compliment slips offers numerous advantages over digital forms. The best part of sending these is that the level of personalization goes a notch higher. One idea is to scribble ‘thank you’ on all the compliment slips that you are sending. However, depending upon the scale of delivery and the kind of product, you can always write personalized short notes. This goes a long way in a customer feeling valued. You can send compliment slips with invoices as well.

Be creative with your compliment slips. Consult a good book printing company about the sizes you should have for all your packages. 210mm X 99mm is a size that is usually followed by many businesses.