Over the last few years, digital media has changed the way businesses reach out to existing and prospective customers. More and more companies are shifting from traditional media advertising to online platforms. There is no denying that digital platforms have opened us up to endless possibilities in the dynamics of marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other online platforms have changed the way companies introduce their products to the market. However, print marketing is still a powerful tool to do just that and it is an excellent advertising platform. Like digital media, proper utilization of print media can get information out to the masses in an efficient manner.

When you hear of print media, images of newspaper classifieds and magazine cut outs might immediately come to mind. What most people may not understand is that print marketing is versatile and entails more than just a classified ad in a newspaper. It continues to grow and evolve alongside the rise of new technology. If you thought print media was outdated, think again. Here’s why.

The power of personalization
If you are looking to inject an extra personal touch into your marketing techniques, try personalized print media. A well-designed post card that is personalized and visually appealing is by far more efficient than an e-greeting card because recipients know that it takes more effort to customize print than digital media.

Print is versatile
Print media is extensive. It goes beyond brochures, business cards, and magazines. Businesses can still increase awareness through branded promotional cups, T-shirts, pens, key holders and much more. There is no doubt that people will remember your company’s name if it is the first thing they see every morning on their coffee cups or jogging T-shirt.

Print is tangible
It is easier to hand someone you just met at a conference your company brochure, as opposed to referring them to your website. People are more likely to look through the booklet at hand as it is tangible than search your online pages later on.

The internet is too flooded
Countless companies are competing for their audience’s attention day and night through the web, which is overwhelming. Hence, print marketing has now become a perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

QR Codes
Thanks to Quick Response (QR) codes and Near Field Communication(NFC) technology, it is now possible for your print media to directly connect customers to your website. A QR code is an image on the brochure, which can be scanned by a cell phone, thereby linking the person directly to your company’s website.

Websites may crash overnight, and online accounts may be hacked into, resulting in data loss. However, information contained in brochures, magazines, and other print forms will last for years.

Cost effective
Unlike online marketing which focuses on cost per impression, the print is highly cost efficient and gives you high returns. Brochure printing services and other promotional items are quite affordable.

Print media is considered more legitimate and credible compared to the internet. Today, the internet has become a market place for fraudsters and con men purporting to be businessmen.

Few people click on banner ads
Most people have blocked online ads on offers and sales promotions that pop up in browsers. If you place brochures at the table of a lounge, 99% of the customers will be curious enough to look through them as they wait in line.

Predictable readership
Due to readership predictability and loyalty, print makes it much easier to focus on a specific target audience over an extended period. When you know your target readers, it is simpler to tailor make your message and make it more relevant to them.

If you are debating on whether your marketing campaign is best suited for print or digital marketing, consider the advantages of blending both. Marketing is much more successful when you integrate your online media campaigns with print marketing. Have a clear message across all forms of marketing that reinforces the company’s brand image and puts you in the spotlight.