Offset Printers Singapore

Then, the digital printer can be a perfect solution for you. Digital printers are suitable for relatively smaller projects and the printing can be completed in a short period of time. That means you will be able to get clear, vivid coloured printing at a smaller turnaround time that you get with an offset printer. You can print as many copies as needed and always request for more if you want.

In a strict comparison, digital printing quality is not like the offset printing, but the quality is close to it. If you require a large volume of copies in very high quality, offset printing will be worth the cost. However, this printing method will be less cost efficient for small volume prints. You can consult a printing company for a variety of printing solutions that will bring you the most value for its price. Here are some benefits that a digital printer can bring to you:

Quick turnaround time
You will be able to get your material back within a single day in most cases if you consider a digital printer. Whether it is personalized print, business cards or simple photocopies, the printing will be completed in no time and very efficiently. So if time is a concern for you, then there is no better alternative than a good digital printer.

Highly cost effective
Digital printing is more cost effective as the inks do not penetrate into your paper as much as needed for other methods. That means it just forms a thin layer and creates a nice smooth texture sitting on the paper. So, you are getting high-quality printings at a relatively low price.

Create large quantity
You can print as much as you need in a small period of time. Even if you decide that you need to change the quantity of your output at the last minute, it can be done. The digital printers are eco-friendly and it ensures the longevity of the printer cartridges and toners.

Quality printing solutions
Digital printers come in handy for any organization or business if they need efficient and quick high-quality printing. Digital printers can handle printing the letterheads, leaflets, envelopes, and other materials that you may need for your business as the colour is not limited.

If you require your business card for a sudden business meeting or need to print your business presentation immediately, then you can get your printing done in minutes using digital printers and it will not break your bank. Most of the digital printers offer a wide range of services such as simple photocopying (black and white), digital colour photocopying (laser technology) or you can even complete your scanning with it. You can scan a copy of any required documents and reproduce it in high quality for your records that may come in handy for any business or legal documents. Hence, digital printers are a great option to consider when you need a quick printing solution.