Offset Printers Singapore

An attractively printed out menu always has a very positive impact on the customers. Most customers revealed that they were able to judge the kind of dining experience they will most likely have just by looking at the menu card. These menus work as an advertisement as well. Now, it is common practice to look for menus online especially before trying a new place. People also browse menus that are available in restaurant windows before making their decision to dine there.

Whether you choose to have your menu printed with a digital or offset printer, you need to consider several things before finalizing the details with your preferred printing company.

Different types of folds
To make your menu card stunning, firstly you need to decide which type of folding style you wish to use. This decision is based on the length of the content and the categories in which you want to divide them into. You also need to decide how big the card should be as it affects the kind of folds you can use. Some folds go well with a small sized menu while other folds work well with bigger sized menu cards.

It is essential that the atmosphere of the restaurant is reflected in style and design of your restaurant menu card. This also helps customers in deciding about the attire and estimate the amount of money they will be spending. They also know about the kind of food they should expect.

Colors you use on a menu card should be in coherence with the logo of the restaurant. These colors should represent your theme and quality of food provided in your restaurant. For example, most of the formal restaurants have black and white colors dominant in their menu and other decorations. This is mainly because these colors are considered a classic. On the other hand brown and yellow is considered perfect for a western style grill and bar restaurant. Make sure that you use appropriate colors to define your theme.

Another important decision while designing your restaurant menu is the font you want to use. This is because the type of font you use can also give an important impression of the kind of food customers should expect. Casual fonts like Sans Serif or Calibri indicates a fun and casual environment.

Be consistent
Make sure to have the same font style throughout the menu card. You can use different sizes of font to indicate headlines. Be sure to stay consistent with this decision because a poorly constructed menu can send a weird message to the customers.

Second opinion
Sometimes, if you look at something for too long, it starts to look weird or blurry. After spending weeks of hard work in designing a card, it can be difficult to point mistakes in it. It is always better to get a second opinion from your preferred printing company in Singapore just to be sure there are no typos in names or prices.

You can use above mentioned tips to create a stunning menu card for your restaurant.