When it comes manufacturing of products, the first place people look to is Asia and printing is no exception. From book printing to flyers and catalog printing, companies are constantly looking for the best deals in Asia.

When it comes to looking out for cheap printing, many fingers point to China as their number 1 choice. This is true to a certain extent if your lead time is flexible and your volume of work is able to justify the logistics costs involved.

Printing in Singapore serves as a solution to this with many additional benefits. Singapore is one of the most popular countries for outsourced / off-shore printing with clients from Australia and New Zealand. They have explored offshore printing options and many still prefer to print in Singapore because of the following reasons;

– Singapore is one of the most politically stable economies as well as nations in the world with Intellectual Property Protection. Overruns are never done, all IP (intellectual property) are safe guarded with no disputes.

– Singapore has numerous trade agreements worldwide and ranked by the World Bank as one of the most business friendly environments in the world. With majority of Singaporeans being able to communicate in English and Mandarin, the language barrier between the east and west is non-existent.

– In terms of logistics, with beginnings of a shipping port, Singapore is a transportation hub which is part of many trade routes either via sea freight or air.

As part of DGP Print’s beliefs, long term business relationship with our vendors are equally important as they are with our clients. With these sets of beliefs, we are able to provide and remain competitive to present our best works to our clients overseas and in Singapore.

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